My Story

I USED to be a candle addict. I absoloutely LOVED smelling a certain scent, whenever I wanted. However, I did not acknowledge the true danger in constantly burning candles. Until.... I became a mom. It wasn't until I became 100% depended on for absoloutely EVERYTHING. Including, a very important issue, the safety of my tiny sprout of a baby girl. I did not completely banish ALL open flames in my house, not yet anyway. My daughter was almost two years old and was an explorer in her own little world. She explored, and explored, and explored... well, one day she explored her way to one of my scented candles. No, she didn't burn herself (thank God!)! She did, however, burn my carpet... which could very well have burned her and/or my house. So, all my candles went into the garbage and never returned. It was about a year and a half that went by, that I was invited to a Scentsy party. Now, I had the foggiest idea what "Scentsy" was, nor did I know what a "Warmer" was. Well, when the consultant explained to us that Scentsy was a safe new alternative to burning candles, my eyes lit right up and my I'm pretty sure my angels in Heaven began to rejoice  I was completely SOLD! Especially after this Consultant stuck her fingers in the already warmed wax and didn't bat an eye! She had also mentioned that her kids sometimes mistook them as yummies for tummies, they were not in any danger! My thoughts were, "What?" Ok, ok... they were more along the lines of "Why in the heck are you allowing your kids to eat wax?!?!" That's when she said, "they're completely chemical free, made out of paraffin wax." It was then that I bought my very first Scentsy Warmer and my very first set of Scent Bars. That was in 2008.

After having shared my Scentsy story.... I wonder what yours will be. And, will I have the privelege of being a part of that story?